Fruit and Vegetables

Arboles y plantas de Finca Monte Galan (con loco tico) “Trees and plants of The Handsome Mountain Farm (with the crazy Costa Rican)” (Not all English to Spanish translations are accurate but I’m working on it!)

English Spanish Edible
Apple Manzana yes
Mountain Apple Manzana de agua yes
Almond Almendro yes
Wild Almond Almendro yes
Avocado Aguacate yes

Bamboo                                                           Bambu                                     no

Banana                                                             Banano                                     yes

Plantain                                                           Platano                                     yes

Guineo                                                              Guineo                                     yes

Cacao                                                               Cacao                                       yes

Monkey Cacao                                                Cacao de la mono                   yes

Cacao of the Mountain                                 Cacao de montana

Cacao Criollo


Cashew                                                           Anacardo                                yes

Cilantro                                                             Culantro coyote                        yes

Chili – hot                                                         Chile Picante                             yes

Coffee                                                              Café                                         yes

Fig                                                                   Higuera                                     yes

Strangler Fig                                         Higueron                                   ?

Ficus                                                                Higueron                                   wildlife

Ginger                                                              Ginger                                      yes

Guava or Guayaba                                          Guava                                       yes

Sour Guava                                                       Cas                                          yes

Hibiscus                                                           Amapola                                   yes the leaves

Ilan Ilan                                                             Ilan Ilan                                     yes

Itabo                                                                 Itabo                                         yes the flowers

Jatropha                                                           Tempate                                   no                                         Used to make dio-diesel

Leche or Rambutan or momonchino          Leche                                       yes

Lemon                                                              Limon                                       yes

Lemon Grass                                                    Sacate limon                             yes

Mango                                                              Mango                                      yes

Orange                                                             Naranja

malaguena                    yes

huguajana?                   yes

dulce criolla                  yes

Noni                                                                 Noni                                         yes                                           A “superfood”, hugely nutritious

Palm                                                                 Palma

Hearts of palm                                      Palmito                                     yes

Palma de ciplina

King palm                                             Palma Real                               yes the root

Peach Palm                                          Palma de pejivalle                     yes

or “Palma de pejibaye”

Red Stem Palm                                      Palma roja                                no

Coconut Palm                                       Palma de coco                          yes

African Palm                                         Palma africana                          yes

Soursop                                                           Guanabana                               yes

Sugar Cane                                                       Cana de azucar                         yes

Tomato                                                             Tomate                                     yes

Vanilla bean                                                      Vanailla                                     yes

Yucca                                                               Yucca                                       yes

Yampi                                                               Yampi                                       yes


Roble Sabana                           no

Cola de pabon?


Fuita de mono                           yes

Tangerine Lemon                                              Limon mandarina                       yes