Papaya is a popular fruit grown throughout Central America. But you need to harvest the fruit at just the right time. Not too under ripe, not too over ripe.


Did you know you can grow a pineapple by simply cutting off the top and planting it in the soil? It takes about two years to produce the fruit and you need to be certain the pineapple you purchased is organic and not subject to a GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) modified plant.


Maranon is Spanish for Cashew. We all enjoy the salted nut but the pulp can be easily processed with a blender into a delicious and refreshing beverage.

Fer de Lance (Terciopelo)


Ok seriously do not provoke or step on or grab one of these highly poisonous snakes. I grabbed one by accident (sleeping in my nursery stock coffee plants) and I was just plain lucky not to get bitten.

African Palm (Palma Africana)

Palma Africana

Palma Africana is Spanish for African Palm.  The seed pulp is very popular in many vegetable oil and soap and perfume products we likely have in our one homes. However, the mono-culture plantations do not allow for diversified plant systems and the  emissions for the extraction of the oil produces a horrible toxin into the environment so it’s not something you want to grow if you care about the planet. However, it’s actually possible to grow this plant in an ecologically sustainable way as the Country of Ecuador has been able to accomplish.

Turkeys (Pavos)


Pavos is Spanish for turkeys.  Turkeys are a great companion domestic farm animal and like chickens are very useful in keeping the ground insect population in check.