The Project

The Project began in 2006 when David Dion from Vermont and Fabio Salas from Costa Rica met and began to collaborate on the idea of developing an eco-lodge in Costa Rica.  David’s interests were largely driven by a desire to grow and source food on and as close to the property as possible. Fabio’s interests were largely driven by a desire to build a unique lodge in an unspoiled part of Costa Rica that will treat guests to a once in a lifetime experience.

Antes de Comiense el Proyecto

Land was purchased and the first location chosen to build the lodge may have been a mistake as we seriously underestimated the power of the mountain winds!

Casa Dulce Casa

After a few lessons learned, today Finca Monte Galan (con loco tico) has substantially evolved toward the goal of being a place where people can experience a little bit of the “campo” or rural Costa Rican lifestyle, but with all of the comforts of one’s home.

La Casa Primera

Costa Rican living in the countryside, or “campo” is best experienced by being outdoors as much as possible. You can literally feel nature all around you.

La Terrraza Uno

One of the highlights of spending time at Finca Galan are the breathtaking mountain and valley views.

Vista de la Casa de Cuidador